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A.     The English Major Students are generally interested in
1.      Dual Degree Programmes (2-ECUST+1+1-ECUST3+1) in:
l       Business (已07级学生为例,有48人参加金融二专学习:中文授课,学制三年);
l       Education;
l       Translations Studies and Practice
l       Journalism,
l       Law (已07级学生为例,有3人参加法律专业二专学习:中文授课,学制三年)
l       Communication and Media Studies
2.      3+1+1 Programme
3.      Study Tour (4 to 7 weeks during the summer vacation)
4.      Exchange Student Programme
B.     Faculty Training (Duration: 4 months to 1 year) in:
1.      Contrastive English-Chinese Studies and Translation
2.      Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
3.      Foreign Language Teaching: Theory and Study (TESOL -Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
4.      English Language and Literature
5.      Translation Theory and Practice
6.      English Literature and American literature
7.      Cross-Culture Communication


articulation (mutual recognition of credits ) rdf=research and development foundation 10% of the student fee will be transferred to the rdf account to cover the fees for teacher training.
English for International Business