A Brief introduction to School of Foreign Languages
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School of Foreign Languages at East China University of Science and Technology was founded in May 2001. Prior to 1982, it was a teaching and research section of foreign languages, mainly responsible for the foreign language teaching. Named as Foreign Language Department in 1982, it then became Foreign Language Center of Fundamental Education School in a subsequent restructuring of schools and departments. Following a new-round development plan initiated in 1999, the center gained independence as an administrative unit sharing a Party branch with School of Social Sciences. At the end of 2000, the School was formally established and founded its own Party branch in May 2001.

The School consists of Foreign Language Research Institute, the Department of College English, the Department of English, the Department of Japanese and the Department of German. It offers 3 undergraduate language programs: English, Japanese and German, and 2 graduate programs at the master’s level: Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (established in 1996) and English Language and Literature (established in 2006).

The school has an enrollment of 726 full-time degree candidates, 647 undergraduates and 79 postgraduates. Those completing the undergraduate training are expected to master the basic professional knowledge of their major and to be successfully qualified for the domains such as scientific research, business activities, culture exchange, education, translation/interpretation and foreign affairs. In the past years, they have won many prizes in speech contests nationwide. The graduate programs aim to produce talents to function as English teachers in middle schools and colleges, translators, and interpreters.

The school has a staff of 129 with 33 professors/associate professors and 96 lecturers/assistants. The main teaching and research fields are: Contrastive English-Chinese Studies and Translation, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Foreign Language Teaching, Theory and Study, Translation Theory and Practice, English Literature, American Literature, and Cross-culture Communication. During the last decade, its academic staff have published extensively in these fields in the form of books, monographs and scholarly papers; some of them have received national and provincial awards and recognitions, such as March 8 Red-banner Pace-setter, the Baoshan Iron and Steel Works Education Award.

The School is equipped with top-level multi-media language laboratories and computational linguistics laboratories. The Reading Room for graduate students has a collection of thousands of volumes and a subscription of several dozen academic journals.
Administrative Staff
Acting Dean: Zhang Zhengjun
Secretary of the General Party Branch: Wang Zhe

Deputy Dean: Wu Jianwei & Zhao Hong

Assistant to Dean: 
Assistant to Dean: Fan Jun
Chairman of the English Dept.: Yang Huimin
Vice Chairman of the English Dept.: Jia Hui
Chairman of Dept. of Japanese: He Wei
Chairman of Dept of German: Wang Yong
Chairman of Dept. of College English: Wu Jianwei
Vice Chairman of Dept. of College English: Yu Ruihua & Zhao Wei
Chairman of Foreign Language Research Institute: Wang Jianguo
Chairman of Foreign Language Teaching Center: Lu Weizhong
Deputy Secretary: Shen Lin, Fan Jun
Graduate Degree Programs
Graduate Degree Programs in the School of Foreign Languages
Undergraduate Degree Programs
Department of Japanese
Department of German
Department of English