The Japanese Department
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In succession to the rapid development of China’s economy, her entry into WTO and her success in holding the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 World Expo, new challenges have been confronted by the university students majoring in Japanese—the integration of versatility and professional development. Geared to the social demands, this department endeavors to train her students into top specialists with the unique characteristics of our university.

This department is to ensure that all the students have a firm grasp of Japanese language with high proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. Moreover, we see to it that our students achieve practical competence in Japanese and comparatively high proficiency in English with the traditional advantages in science and technology of our university and our constant deepening and strengthening of English education. Meanwhile, with the help of minor majors, we will broaden our students’ horizon so that they form a multidimensional knowledge structure and elevate themselves in an all-rounded way. The objective is to lay sound language basis, to broaden the range of the major, to emphasize the cultures, to advocate quality-oriented education and to strengthen the application. We stick to the educational policy of cultivating students versed in Japanese, good at English, acquainted with science and technology as well as with liberal arts. The students are to be Japanese specialists who will achieve an all-round development morally, intellectually and physically, and who will have a competitive edge of applying their expertise to practical work.

By adhering to the guideline of laying a solid foundation, highlighting the main courses, valuing practice and facilitating all-round optimization during the whole teaching process, we also adopt the managing principles of both the “target control” and the “process control” in our teaching program. With great consideration in the selection of textbooks and first priority given to practice, we will implement the method of combining intensive teaching with more practice and encourage students to think independently in order to enhance their ability to reflect and solve problems.