English Department of School of Foreign Languages, ECUST
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Found in 1982, the English Department of Foreign Languages School of ECUST was among the first of its kind to establish the English language program in a university specializing in science and technology. Originally oriented in advancing the education of students in such a technical environment, the English Department has now developed into one that offers comprehensive language programs. In addition to the undergraduate program for English majors, the Department offers 2 graduate programs at the master’s level: Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (established in 1996) and English Language and Literature (established in 2006).
The Department has a young and energetic team of teachers consisting of 10 professors/associate professors and 10 lecturers/assistants with 70% of them aged below 45, specializing in linguistics, literature, translation and IC communication. All the teachers hold a Masters’ Degree, 8 of them with or pursuing a Ph.D. The teaching staff graduated from top universities in China: Beijing University, Fudan University, Shanghai International Studies University, Beijing Foreign Language University, East China Normal University and so on. 40% of them have been visiting-scholars to British, American and Australian Universities such as: Birmingham University, Manchester University, University of Wisconsin, Florida State University, Sydney University and so on.
The quality of the courses in the Department is highly recognized. The Department is proud for its three High-quality Courses of the Shanghai Municipality: Chinese-English Translation(2005), Advanced English(2006) and Integrated English(2010). More than 10 other courses like English through Films, British and American Literature and Chinese Culture are taken as High-quality Courses or Key Courses by the university.
The Department has a total of 350 undergraduates and 90 graduate students who are encouraged to excel in their academic studies as well as participate in various competitions. Since 1998, our students have won 98 awards with high competence in different levels of international, national or local English speaking or debating competitions.
Echoing a multi-directional demand for talents with foreign language competence in the 21st century, our undergraduate program for English majors is committed to the integration of high language proficiency and comprehensive qualities in students. The teaching activities are characterized by brand-new content, flexible teaching methods and distinctive features:
Wide Professional Caliber. Our program requires students to get a better understanding of the basic features of the disciplines such as life sciences, sciences of materials, environmental protection and information technology, and to acquaint themselves with fundamental knowledge about the theories and practices of trade and economy for the purpose of fostering their language competence in international business communication;

Solid foundation and competitive comprehensive qualities. Our program integrates into our courses the trainings on independent thinking, elementary academic and research capacity as well as the competence in public speeches and negotiations in foreign languages. Thereby, the students are well prepared for their future jobs with high language proficiency, cultural flexibility and professional versatility.